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Big Data & Analytics

Currently the hot topic in the IT world, “Big Data” refers to the act of harnessing the information contained in the vast amounts of data being generated on a daily basis. Whether its sensor data, intelligence data, web logs, or any other form of data, being able to quickly process and analyze this information and display it in a coherent fashion has given rise to a whole new industry. AlphaSix is committed to helping our customers realize the potential gains inherent in their volumes of data and has the resources in the form of Data Scientists, Application Development Personnel and Infrastructure Engineers to help you architect a “Big Data” solution.

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Cyber Security

Our cyber security team consists of highly skilled, certified IT security experts and engineers. The majority of our staff hold security clearances and have worked in for some of the most highly sensitive USG customers in some of the most secure environments. Our personnel are adept in developing, evaluating and implementing cyber security policy, conducting risk and vulnerability assessments, and securing and optimizing our nation’s most critical and private IT systems. Skills include digital forensics services, vulnerability and risk assessments, penetration testing, policy development, configuration management, enterprise security architecture design, computer security incident response, operations management, application and software security assurance, insider threat, and counter-intelligence.

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Managed Print

AlphaSix's managed print solutions are innovative implementations in which users print to a server, as opposed to sending the file directly to a printer. Then, the user can go to any printer on the system, and release any of their print jobs when needed. Managed print gives system administrators the option to add user group control, specifying which users can access which printers, which features on the printer they can use, or even scheduling certain timeframes in which users can print. Managed print provides better accountability for printer usage, which can lead to reducing waste and lowering costs.

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AlphaSix provides the high-quality hardware, software, and architecture required to keep your operation running to maximum capacity. Whether you have a need to procure a single laptop, or consolidate your entire data center, AlphaSix has the expertise to guide you to the optimal solution based on your specific requirements. Our engineers have extensive experience and can help you build a data center from scratch, or show you ways to optimize and consolidate your current environment to help improve performance and reduce costs.

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AlphaSix virtual environments empower users to securely access their system from local and remote locations, while reducing the need for lots of hardware and software.  Our certified engineers who have implemented numerous Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) solutions working with industry-standard platforms like Citrix and VMware and also helped our big data customers implement cloud based solutions utilizing tools like Hadoop in hosted environments such as those provided by Amazon Web Services. We can help walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of private versus public clouds as well as discuss the benefits of virtualizing your server, storage, desktop and even application platforms. Once a decision has been reached, AlphaSix can help you procure, implement, and secure your new solution. 

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